UK government department removes ‘mundane tasks’ from its employees while improving service levels for customers through RPA.

When HM Land Registry launched its transformation program in 2018, it knew it would still need to operate using existing legacy systems for some time into the future. The government department established its service improvement team to increase efficiencies and make sure it optimized the performance of the legacy systems. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was selected as a tactical business improvement tool during the transformation process, and it soon proved its strategic value to the organization.

When you discuss robotic automation and people immediately talk about Skynet and Cyborgs, you know that there’s likely to be resistance to RPA within your organization. That’s the situation that Lorna Jordan, Senior Product Manager at HM Land Registry, found herself in during the first RPA workshop she held with case workers in November 2018. Everything changed when the staff began to realize that RPA wouldn’t take their jobs, just the tasks they dislike.