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In the process, residents get a feel for managing real world life pressures while having access to needed recovery-based supports. The path of recovery generally includes a variety of counselors, doctors, and advisors. These professionals play an important role in helping you maintain your life of recovery and stay healthy. Almost half of Americans have

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What are marijuana’s effects? National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA

About 25%, or 70 million Americans, used illicit drugs in 2022, national survey data reveal. More than 17%, or nearly 49 million Americans, reported past-year substance use disorder. For example, THC is able to alter the functioning of the hippocampus (see "Marijuana, Memory, and the Hippocampus") and orbitofrontal cortex, brain areas that enable a person

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The Outrun review Saoirse Ronan is remarkable in a sensitive recovery drama Sundance 2024

Documentary is the oldest form of cinema and is one of the most powerful ways to show real journeys. Before storytelling was introduced, the earliest films captured life as it unfolded. New Zealand filmmaker Lee Tamahouri’s breakthrough sophomore feature, which became an international success, focussed on alcoholism and domestic abuse within a close-knit Maori community.

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